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"Souvignier Gris"

Wine Grape "Souvignier Gris"

Souvignier gris is a white German wine grape variety that was created in 1983 Dr. Norbert Becker by crossing the red French wine grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon with the white German grape crossing previously created by Becker known as Bronner. Bronner is a crossing of the hybrid varieties Merzling (mother vine) and Gm 6494 (father vine).

Like its parent variety, Bronner, Souvignier gris was developed at the viticultural research institute of Freiburg, Germany. The variety was created in 1983. 

Through its parent, Cabernet Sauvignon, Souvignier gris is a grandchild variety of the white grape variety, Sauvignon blanc, and the red grape variety Cabernet Franc

Source: Wikipedia

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