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 Vegan Cooking Class 

An engaging class where you will learn how to create a delicious 2-course plant-based meal.

Structured but informal, Chef Eliane, a Michelin accredited chef, teaches participants how to prepare great tasting meals using a variety of French and Mediterranean cooking techniques, utilising the freshest of seasons ingredients.

Mediterranean Cooking Class in Amsterdam

Chef Eliane, who has already launched similar courses in Cannes, south of France, is bringing this new experience to Amsterdam for the benefit of city locals, as well as tourists. She will draw upon her own personal experiences, having catered in various countries for 20 years as well as her formal training, obtained from prestigious institutes in both America and Europe.


This class is an excellent way to explore healthy new dishes and sharpen your cooking skills. Our cooking classes feature recipes that satisfy all tastes and skill levels. Vegan and vegetarian food does not need to be bland. We have developed this Hands-On cooking class, especially for vegans, vegetarians, or any other food lover interested in learning how to prepare healthy meals packed with flavor. 

Chef Eliane will teach how to make delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes by using unique spice blends and seasonal market-fresh plant-based ingredients. You will learn, how to turn your favorite risotto, Beef Bourguignon, or any other favorite into a delectable vegan or vegetarian treat. As you go through the recipe, Chef Eliane will explain the use and benefits of the ingredients you are using.

What is Included

  • Tuition, Vegan Cooking Class

  • Cooking class for all skill levels

  • Cooking class is in English

  • Max 6 participants

  • Uses only fresh seasonal ingredients

  • Day classes include lunch & excellent wine

  • Evening classes include dinner & excellent wine

Our cooking classes are creative, fun and informal. If this describes you, Join one of our classes and learn with Chef Eliane, a professionally trained chef in high repute. She has an exemplary track record of delivering fun, engaging and informative classes. Check out some of her reviews from very happy students:

What Our Happy Guests Say About Us

Learning culinary skills from the best - Reviewed October 2, 2016

“I took a cooking class with Eliane Muskus of La Serviette Blanche one afternoon while I

was in Cannes on vacation. I was so pleased to discover how accomplished and

knowledgeable she is. The two of us made a delicious fish soup that was to die for. I

will be recreating it for my friends and family soon. 

Eliane speaks fluently in several languages. She is a graduate of the CIA in New York

and her restaurant has earned many awards. I felt right at home in her kitchen and

enjoyed our time together tremendously.”

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