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 Sunset Cheese & Wine Tasting Boat Tour in Amsterdam 

 Sit back and relax on this unique wine and cheese tasting boat tour through Amsterdam’s historic canals from the 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age. 

Our unique tour offers specialty Dutch wines and cheeses hosted by a professional, bilingual guide during Amsterdam’s famous sunsets when the sky turns to a vibrant palette flowing with red and orange.


Famous for its canals, but maybe not as readily associated with fine cuisine, this tour will offer you the opportunity to indulge in an interesting excursion mixed with some lesser known Dutch delights and quite possibly re-write what you think you know about what the country has to offer.


Although you will be sailing through the famous city, in and amongst the most famous of landmarks Amsterdam has to offer, your experience will be very much off the beaten track. The award-winning Dutch wines are professionally paired with homogeneous Dutch cheeses which are not widely known and not exported - and are only available in specialty, boutique shops or direct from the farmers who produce them. We leave the run-of-the-mill cheeses to others and offer our guests only the best. Exclusivity is a running theme of the experience, as each tour is strictly limited to just 12 people, to ensure you have ample opportunity to bend the ear of your culinary professional and are not overly cramped on your voyage of discovery.


Learn about a traditional ‘Salon boat’, as you enjoy an enchanted trip through the canals. Enjoy the wonderful view in comfort while you enjoy the tastings. A moment on the lips, but a memory for a lifetime as you will be spoilt for choice with a range of delicious, decadent treats in a setting that will have you reaching for the camera.


The tour begins at 5pm pronto, so make sure to arrive in good time. The tour will last for 2 hours, just in time to take in the famous sunset.

What You Get

You will be provided with light refreshments, in addition to the specialty wines and cheese, as well as the guidance of Eliane, a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry and a chef by trade with a hunger for travel and string desire to share her culinary knowledge.

While each of our tours will have the vast majority of your requirements catered for, there are some items which is the responsibility of the participant and for obvious reasons.


Please be sure to note that some things are up to you to handle as we cannot guess you desires and preferences.

Items We Don't Cover

Transportation to and from the tour meeting point nor are we able to arrange that for you - not that this is a major concern as public transport is regular, safe and reasonably priced

  • Personal purchases - not compulsory, but a good idea to earmark some holiday spending money for a potential souvenir

  • Gratuities - again, not compulsory, but such is our confidence that you will have an amazing time, you might just be compelled to leave a tip!

Travelers are recommended to book early to avoid disappointment, as tour dates sell out quickly and, as mentioned, are limited to 12 guests per tour.


We do not accept any walk-ups or cash payment.

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