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The  Solaris is a white  grape variety developed in  1975 by the Weinbau Institute in  Freiburg known as FR 240-75. She originated from the intersection of Merzling and Geisenheim 6493.  This makes it a far-reaching relative of  Riesling and  Pinot gris.  Because of all the cross, the grape has not completely remained a pure vitis vinifera, which makes it part of the hybrid varieties.  The name Solaris is derived from “solar" the  sun, because of its strength and early summer maturity.

In cooler wine-growing regions, such as Sweden ,  England and  the Netherlands , the grape still gives high sugar and low acidity levels.  An  Oechsle content of around 100 degrees is regularly present. It is also resistant to  fungi.  Her soft skin makes it more susceptible to  rot.

Although the grape can  be used for dessert wines, it is very suitable for  vinification of a more solid dry  wine.  The bouquet is flowery and often shows a whip of honey.  The Solaris can be made from cépage  wines, but it is also mixed with other grapes.

Because the Solaris has such favorable properties, it is also used to create new grape varieties.


Source: Wikipedia

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