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Our wine and cheese tastings are a perfect way to discover exclusive Dutch wines

With so many fantastic wine regions in Europe you don't hear much about Dutch wines, but the country's cool climate makes it perfect for producing varieties like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. Since the 1970s many excellent vineyards have established themselves in regions like Gelderland, Limburg, Zeeland, Overijssel and Groningen, making some stunning wines.

Discovering new flavours you love is always a joy, and Chef Eliane's wine and cheese tasting events, held in the early evenings, bring together a carefully selected choice of award winning Dutch wines. Each is beautifully complemented with carefully chosen Dutch cheeses, sourced from local artisan makers, which are only available in the Netherlands.

And of course, your host is Chef Eliane, who hosts the events in her beautiful home in the elegant “Zuidas” district of Amsterdam. With decades of experience working in various restaurants and private dining across Europe, chef Eliane, loves to share her knowledge of wines, cuisine and culture with visitors to the city, and any locals who would like to explore more local produce.

Wine and Cheese Tasting in Amsterdam

Wine tasting with Chef Eliane in beautiful Amsterdam

Not far from the city centre, the Zuidas district is a modern and elegant part of Amsterdam with a thriving business and financial services sector which is very easily reached by road, train or underground. Eliane's beautiful home offers a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere perfect for sharing exclusive wines and cheese.

Whether you are a visitor to the city or a local, if you like good wines and original cheeses, then this culinary experience is for you.

The exclusive selection of wines come from the multiple award-winning Dutch vineyard Hesselink, which grows grapes in an environmentally friendly region.

The wines get their unique character from the chemical-free lime rich soil.

Some of their varieties include Souvignier Gris, Chardonnay Barrique, Solaris, Johanniter, Rose, Cabernet Noir, Regent Barrique and Johanniter Brut.

The tasting lasts for about two hours and also includes fresh baguette, grapes, dried fruits and a cheese selection from the local artisan cheesemakers and farms; often made to traditional processes these cheeses are very rare outside of the Netherlands and an incredible tasting experience themselves.

Meet new wine, new cheese and new friends with our exclusive events Chef Eliane provides these special early evening tastings to share her love and experience of Dutch wines with food & wine lovers who love to spend a couple of relaxed hours sampling new flavours, while sharing stories and experiences.

A wonderful, relaxed, friendly and memorable activity for tourists and locals alike.

Over 20 years of experience as a chef in many parts of the hospitality industry, makes Eliane an ideal guide to the wines and cheese; a professional at creating a comfortable and sociable ambiance, she is also multilingual, so we can always find a language we share to talk about the flavours, bouquet and the food and drink.

To experience one of the Born To Taste Wine and Cheese Tastings, contact us at any time to book your spot, and please also consider our unique Sunset Wine and Cheese Tastings held on a “Salon” boat through Amsterdam's famous, and beautiful, canals.

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