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Sunset cheese and wine tasting on a boat cruise of Amsterdam's canals

One of our most unique and spectacular food experiences are our cheese and wine tasting evenings, held on a salon boat cruising Amsterdam's beautiful ancient canals with the vivid colours of sunset in the sky above. This tour is a very special experience with everything you would expect from Chef Eliane and Born To Taste; carefully chosen cheeses, award winning Dutch wines, and an experience, bilingual guide to introduce you to it all as Amsterdam glides past all around you.

Built during the Dutch Golden Age in the 1600s, the canal system was carefully designed for multiple purposes of land reclamation, transport, and defence, and created a unique city layout in the process. Built in concentric rings there are over 100km of canals in the city, with the city centre canals recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and many famous landmarks and buildings to be seen along the banks.

And what better way to see the work of the Dutch Golden Age than at “golden hour”, when the sunlight is a warm golden orange, and the Amsterdam sky colours vivid shades of red as the night city comes to life. The boat cruise is pure relaxation, and a wonderful way to see the city and it's stunning architecture, but of course, there's a lot to say about the food too!

Boat Cruise In Amsterdam
Sunset cheese and wine tasting on a boat cruise of Amsterdam's canals

A taste of the Netherlands' finest wines and cheeses

Selected specially by Chef Eliane, the boat tour offers a selection of incredible Dutch cheeses sourced from small, artisan cheesemakers and farmers in and around Amsterdam. Many of these are made in very limited quantities and rarely leave the city, so you're sure to discover some wonderful new flavours that really cannot be found anywhere else.

The cheeses are complimented by a selection of wines from the award-winning Dutch vineyard Hesselink, who grow their grapes in chemical-free soil and offer some exceptional quality wines including Chardonnay, Rose, Solaris, Cabernet Noir and Johanniter Brut. As with the cheese, Dutch wine is made with a focus on the quality and very little is exported, so you will experience some new flavours here too.

Of course, Eliane will also be on the cruise, introducing the wines and cheeses, pointing out some of the famous Amsterdam landmarks, and answering any questions you may have. Whether you are coming to Amsterdam on holiday, for a short visit, or even if you live in the city, the boat tour is a wonderful early evening out in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Cheese & Wine Tasting Boat Tour in Amsterdam
Cheese & Wine Tasting Boat Tour in Amsterdam

Experience the wine, the cheese, the sunset and Amsterdam's canals

Our canal boat tours are very exclusive with just 12 guests coming on each trip to ensure everyone has plenty of space on the boat and time to meet eat other. Salon boats are a perfect way to enjoy the canals in the company of friends and these tours book out very quickly, so booking in advance is essential, especially if you are visiting for a short holiday.

The tour takes two hours and is timed to take in the gorgeous sunset and create the best possible memories of the trip! All wines and cheeses are included alongside a selection of bread and fruits, and the hosting of Chef Eliane, who has over 20 years of experience hosting food tours and experiences all over Europe. Contact us today to book your place!

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