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Chef's Table Private Dining in Amsterdam with Chef Eliane

There are so many ways to enjoy wonderful food, and private dining experiences are one of the best. Exceptional food, pleasant company, and the chef introducing and discussing the food with you, all in the comfortable and intimate setting of the chef’s own beautiful home in Amsterdam. Private dining brings together all the best parts of dinner parties, restaurants, and food tours!

Whether you live in Amsterdam or are only visiting for a short time, something about the private dining experience instantly makes you feel at home, with up to eight guests taking a seat for a three-course meal and wine in luxurious, yet casual, surroundings. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and try new food, prepared just the way it should be by an acclaimed French chef.

The taste of French and Mediterranean cuisine in the Chef’s own beautiful Amsterdam home

Chef Eliane prepares a different menu for each private dining event, selecting from her lifelong knowledge and experience in French and Mediterranean cuisine. From her family home and the meals prepared by her mother, through her many years as a chef on the French Riviera and everywhere from luxury hotels and restaurants to the yachts in the South of France; Eliane brings that taste of Riviera sunshine to the private dining table in Amsterdam.

Experiencing flavors for the first time, with both the chef and a group of new people to share and discuss it with, is what really makes private dining a unique experience. The new environment, new food, and new friends, often already united in an interest for great dining and social experiences, is a perfect recipe for a memorable evening out.

Meet wonderful new flavors and friends at our private dining experience.

With over 20 years of experience in food and hospitality, Chef Eliane has built a lifelong career on a love for great food and wine and creating the best possible environments and experiences in which to enjoy them both. From her award-winning chef’s table restaurant in Cannes, France, she brings the same successful concept to Amsterdam.

Throughout the long history of human culture, eating together has always been a special way to bring people together and spark conversations and laughter, and our private dining events in Amsterdam create a perfect atmosphere for that to happen, as travelers and locals from near and far all sit to enjoy a culinary experience as friends.

And if you are on holiday, a private dining experience can be an ideal way to start it, as Eliane and the other guests can recommend other culinary highlights of Amsterdam for you to explore in the days ahead!

Each private dining experience sits up to eight people at a large dining table in the chef’s own home located in Amsterdam’s elegant business district a.k.a. “The Zuidas”. It includes a three-course menu with carefully chosen, award-winning, wines to complement each dish. The menus change daily and are prepared with seasonal market fresh ingredients. These unique dinner parties are immensely popular, and we recommend booking them in advance if you are visiting the city! The chef’s table can accommodate a maximum of 8 guests.

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