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Unlock your inner Chef.

There has never been a time of greater importance to offer help to others when many may feel isolated.

National lockdowns have changed the way we live and online meetings, shopping for food, supplies or medicine became an essential part of everyday life.

In such circumstances we hope to keep people connected, learning some amazing tips and tricks of the wonders of food preparation and cooking, whilst also having some fun.

We welcome you to the opportunity of being a part of our Born to Taste Online Cooking Courses. These dynamic new online classes will offer a range of unique Chef led classes hosted by Chef Eliane.

Eliane, an acclaimed chef with extensive experience and an amazing track record in France and Amsterdam in the culinary world.

Beat the boredom and boost your health while getting to grips with new mouth-watering recipes by learning how to cook delicious French/Mediterranean dishes from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking for a fun activity or simply to learn new skills, you can unlock your inner chef with our online cooking courses and get creative in the kitchen and surprise your family and friends with a range of delectable super tasty treats.

Register for one of our chef-led fun and educational online cooking classes. They are as follows, please book at least 1 day ahead.

  • 60 Minutes Online Cooking Class. € 48 p.p. Wed, Thu, Fri

During the online cooking class, you will learn to cook with attention to detail, and perfect the balance of flavor with precise techniques. You will also get a unique opportunity to speak with Eliane and be involved in a question-and-answer time. Although our online cooking classes are based in Amsterdam, they will be available and accessible around the world via Zoom.

Food has its own way of bringing everyone together no matter where you are. It installs a sense of comfort and helps us to get out of our comfort zone and try new things.

Our Cooking classes encourage a sense of belonging because of common food interests, in a time where many people feel uneasy about the current events. Our online cooking courses in Amsterdam will offer up some alternate cooking tricks and ideas that you may not be familiar with but will be a master of by the end of the session.

So why wait, take your skills a little bit further and book your online cooking course with us today and you will be able to chop, slice and stir your way to a delicious new dish in no time!

*Important Notice*

These classes do not include your ingredients as they are held over long distance. The day before the class takes place, you will receive the recipe and list of ingredients that you need to buy to cook together with Chef Eliane from your own kitchen.

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