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Chef Eliane's Food Tour: a perfect way to experience Amsterdam.

One of the best ways to discover a city is through food. Amsterdam is a melting pot of unique flavours and known as a food lovers paradise.

From traditional bakers to food stalls, restaurants, and cheese makers to some of the Netherland's most delicious, sweet (and salty) candy, you can rest assure you will find it.

Built on her love for food and apart from her popular Chef’s Table Private Dining and Hands-On Cooking Classes, Chef Eliane of Born to Taste also offers fun and tantalizing food tours through one of the city’s most popular foodie districts. During the tours, she will provide you with a distinctive and personal look at some of the best foods the city has to offer.

And of course, we will not just be looking at it! You will be tasting it as well!

The tour includes 7 of Chef Eliane's favourite food shops where foodies will sample carefully selected bites of some wonderful specialties produced and all within one of the city's most historic foodie areas. Chef Eliane will guide you through the crowds and telling you all about the flavours you are enjoying, their origins and some anecdotes.

A delicious food crawl of historic Amsterdam

What makes our tour different is that you will not be tasting only “typical Dutch food”, you will be tasting a carefully selected choice of cuisines that have influenced the flavours of the city. The diversity of flavours that go beyond traditional Dutch cuisine, though of course, there will always be room for the famous sweet and freshly made stroopwafels!

Our food tours run weekly from Tuesday to Saturday, meeting up for a non-alcoholic drink before taking a relaxed stroll through one of the city's best food districts.

Our tours are led by Chef Eliane or one of our foodie guides who will tell you all about the foods you are tasting. We try to give an impression of the specialties Amsterdam has to offer, but if you would like to focus your taste experience in a different way we got you covered! Join us on one of our private sunset boat tours through Amsterdam’s historic canals while enjoying an artisanal Dutch beer and bar food tasting or our award-wining Dutch wines and cheese tasting.

Book Chef Eliane's food tour today

Like many of the world's great cities, Amsterdam can feel a little overwhelming at first. It is intricate, historic architecture, bustling side streets, and beautiful canals everywhere. Taking a food tour with a local who knows and loves the city and what it has to offer can be a wonderful way to start a holiday and get a feel for the atmosphere and pace of the place.

Each tour can accommodate 12 people and we recommend dressing for the weather as it can be unpredictable! The beer & wine tasting tours are not available for children under the age of 18.

The duration of the tours is 2-hours. Chef Eliane and her team are multilingual and she is fluent in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

Join us on one of our memorable food tours through Amsterdam's beautiful and vibrant food districts while tasting your way around delicious foods while having lots of fun doing it.

Click on the link to book one of our Amsterdam food tours today, please try to book well in advance as the tours can fill up very quickly!

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