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Bringing Christmas To You

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Food Galore, drinks flowing, and a beautiful atmosphere surrounded by the ones we love. Who does not love this time of year?

However, most of us end up in a flap. There are presents to be brought and cakes to be baked. For many, cooking and hosting a Christmas dinner can be a daunting task especially if this is your first-time hosting. Everyone wants to have that traditional perfect Christmas while the cooking comes with high expectations.

It has been a tough year for everyone so wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and relax this Christmas and enjoy well overdue time with your family and friends?

Just imagine, having some of the best chefs cooking your Christmas dinner this year. Even good home cooks deserve a night off from the kitchen to enjoy time for what really matters.

Take the stress out of Christmas this year and let us cook for you. Here in Amsterdam, we are no strangers to fabulous food! Born to Taste is now offering

Christmas Food delivered directly to your door. Order a delectable 3-course Christmas feast for you and your family, delicious and super fresh prepared with high quality ingredients that will be well packaged and ready to serve 6, 8, 10, or 12 guests.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for your order. Our order deadline is December 20th, 2020

If you are considering a meat-free Christmas, no worries, we got you covered as we also offer tasty vegetarian or pescatarian options.

Our two delectable 3-course Christmas menus will both contain an Amuse bouche, both choice of the chef.

A starter ranging from homemade French spiced bread, or prawn and lobster velouté, and many more delicious food options available to you. Our outstanding

dishes are prepared in a top-quality environment, guaranteeing our meals are packed with flavor and instructions on how to reheat or finish the dish.

This Christmas is your Christmas too, do not forget!

If you prefer individual dishes to serve either buffet or family style, no worries, we have those options as well. Our Christmas menus will be delivered directly to your door, along with a helpful list of any necessary instructions on how to heat, finish and serve the food.

All our deliveries will run until 24th of December at 15.00 hours. This time of year, is a busy time for all, and we are working around the clock to provide a service

like no other. Our delivery times are subject to delivery locations in or outside of Amsterdam.

Born to Taste has been synonymous with cooking spectacular food and drink.

Having won countless awards for their service over the years in Cannes, France, Chef Eliane, an acclaimed chef with many years of experience in the culinary world, along with her team, want to help put the crazy events of this year behind you, and end the year on a high by providing you and your family a memorable Christmas dinner that is simply out of this world.

So, sit back and relax and take away the stress of cooking by letting Born to Taste provide you with all you need to make this Christmas the highlight of your

year and a well-deserved treat for you and your family.

To avoid disappointment, we advise to place your orders well in advance.

Deadline: December 20th, 2020


Tel: 06-18571677