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Amsterdam Food Tour

Amsterdam Food Tour

A Sensory Taste Tour To Remember

Everybody takes photos to upload on their social media pages whilst they’re on holiday, and we are also inclined to purchase the odd souvenir to give to our loved ones. However, due to the increasing popularity of food tours, like the fantastic Amsterdam Food Tour, you can now open your eyes to some delicious local delicacies amongst like-minded travellers and share your new findings with people back home. Your captain on this voyage of discovery with Amsterdam Food Tours & Cooking Classes is Elaine - a well travelled ex-head chef with over 20 years in the hospitality industry. She draws on all her expertise and passion for food to create an experience to remember for all those lucky holiday-makers hitting the capital city of The Netherlands to sample and learn how to prepare some of the finest cuisine the city has to offer.

Much More Than Just Red Lights

The food tour is the most inclusive of all the different types of tour you could sign up for whilst visiting a new culture. Walking or cycling tours sideline those with physical impairments, and the notorious alcohol-centric pub crawl culture alienates the increasingly health conscious traveller - who’s idea of a memorable experience doesn’t involve incapacitating yourself with a chronic hangover.

Whether you’re in the market for a Sunset Cheese & Wine Tasting Boat Tour, a stroll through the capital’s famous streets via local eateries or a professional (yet relaxed and friendly)

Culinary Class, Elaine has a tour fit for purpose.

Amsterdam has a reputation for facilitating some controversial activities, which has resulted in the culture’s fantastic depth and diversity of cuisine taking a back seat. However, through signing up to a Tour or a Class you are able to dig a little deeper than the generic experience. Don’t let your stay in Amsterdam go up in smoke - see the light and expand your culinary horizons, meet a passionate professional food expert and tour guide and meet some like-minded travellers who wish to venture off the beaten path into a real adventure.

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