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Afghan Ice Cream (Sheer Yakh)

Sheer yakh is authentic handmade Afghan ice cream. With it’s unique flavors, it makes this ice cream quite special and worthwhile tasting.

During one of my recent daytrips to the countryside, I came across a small ice cream stand at the market in Beverwijk where to men from Afghanistan, were making ice cream (Sheer yakh) by hand. Sheer yakh means frozen-or cold milk in Dari ( a variety of the Persian language spoken in Afghanistan)

Sheer yakh is a delicious traditional Afghan dessert that uses the same ingredients as the Indian kulfi ice cream but prepared differently.

How it’s made is they add milk, sugar and flavorings to a metal container which is placed into another metal container filled with ice and salt, just the way it was made in the old days.

The vesse lis continuously rotated by the person who makes the ice cream by manually holding the ingredients in the stationary ice filled container. He then stirs the creamy mixture until it becomes frozen. Sheer yakh can typically include flavorings such as cardamom, rose water and a wild orchid powder called salep.

This delicious summertime street food favorite is served in small bowls topped with chopped pistachios, almonds, and thick cream. The recipe : to be published on the blog with the photo’s and the article as written above.


1 cup full cream milk ½ cup condensed milk ¼ cup dry milk 1 tsp vanilla a pinch saffron 2 cardamom 1 tbs corn starch ground pistachio (as needed) ½ tsp rose water


Step 1 In a deep dish mix full cream milk, condensed milk, dry milk, cardamom and brink to boil.

Step 2 Then mix a tablespoon of corn starch into a tablespoon of water and add it to the mixture. While boiling for a minute you will see the mixture looks thick, remove it from heat.

Step 3 Add pinch of saffron, vanilla and mix.

Step 4 Pour the mixture into any mould/glass you desire and freeze it for 8 hours or till frozen completely.

Step 5 Scoop it like ice-cream or insert ice-cream sticks. Pour ½ tsp. of rose water over ice cream. Sprinkle the pistachios on top and enjoy as Kulfi.


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