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"Pinotin Barrique"


Pinotin is a dry red wine, a fruity and full bodied wine aged on French oak wood barrels.  Merlot lovers will love Pinotin.
This fruity red wine is perfect for the BBQ! 

Pinotin Barrique has a very unique character!  Also very suitable on a warm summer night on the terrace. 

Gold medal at the Wine Inspection of Low countries in 2018. 

The Pinotin is a fungal tolerant blue grape developed by the well-known Swiss Valentin Blattner.  It is a cross-over in which the well-known Cabernet Sauvignon has played a role.  To be precise, the cross formula is as follows: Cabernet Sauvignon x Silvaner x (Riesling x Vitis Vinifera)x (JS 12417 x S 7053).

The grape thrives well in the Netherlands. They are harvested about a week after the Regent (mid-September). 

This Pinotin Barrique (aged in wood barrels) is 13.5% alcohol. 

A deep red color with a good representation of black cherries and a pleasant smell to the nose. Soft tannins, salmiak, red pepper, pepper, herbs and spices gives this wine a unique and complex taste.


The acids are nicely blended. However, there is more to be found in the complex flavor of this wine such as ripe dark plums, licorice, cinnamon and chocolate.  

The Pinotin Barrique 2014, is a rich red wine with a robust taste.  This is one of the winery’s top wines.

Source: Wijngaard Hesselink

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