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Johanniter is  a white grape variety.  The  grape was  bred by Johannes Zimmermann of the wine-growing institute in Freiburg in 1968 as  a mold-resistant.  It is the result of a combination between  Riesling Seyve-villard Ruländer, and  Gutedel.


The grape is named after the breeder, a scientist at the Freiburger Institute who had a good insight of the  mold-resistant grape varieties.  Harvest time is somewhat earlier in the year. 

Against  false mildew and  real mildew , the grape is reasonably well resistant and also  frost-resistant.  On the other hand, it is sensitive to  chlorosis and susceptible to  botrytis and black rot. 

To obtain high quality wine from this grape, it is necessary  to make a substantial cut.


The wine made from the Johanniter can be fruity such as Riesling and Pinot Gris wines.  This grape is mainly found in  German wine-growing .  About 60  ha (2007).  In  Switzerland 16 ha (2013).  The  Dutch viticulture also knows the Johanniter.


Source: Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg 

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