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 Diabetic Friendly Cooking Class in Amsterdam 

Diabetic friendly recipes should be as tasty and interesting as any other type of recipes. There is no reason the pancreatically challenged should be left eating bland and boring food.

That is why I have created this Diabetic friendly private cooking class. It is my intention to shatter negative preconceptions that a healthy meal equates to an expensive, bland and boring proposition.


This isn’t only for the diabetics of course, as society these days seems to become ever increasingly health conscious, so these diabetic-friendly recipes will prove to be attractive to a large demographic of budding chefs. People seem to be more concerned with preventative measures nowadays, wishing to avoid the onset of disease such as diabetes, so this course should be of great appeal to them in addition to people who are living with diabetes.

Anyone can learn how to cook fast and delicious meals which tantalise the pallet, whilst not over stretching your budget.

Mediterranean fish soup.jpg

Held in Chef Eliane’s friendly home kitchen, mixing her professional standard culinary expertise in the setting of a more familiar domesticated setting - quite literally bringing restaurant standard cooking into a real life home kitchen.

Who is Chef Eliane?

You can rest assured you will find yourself in expert hands in the form of the friendly and experienced Chef Eliane From an early age, she had a passion for cuisine, heavily influenced by her mother, who is herself a gourmet cook from French origin, who taught her the tricks of the trade and the appreciation for fine food.


Eliane attended professional culinary training in New York and Europe and worked as catering head-chef for an exclusive catering company overseas. In October 2010, she also co-catered an official 450 - guests reception in honour of the Dutch Royal family and Government officials, which should stand as a clear testament to her credentials.


Throughout her life she has travelled to, and lived in, various places around the world and she aims to marry together her love of travelling and meeting new people with her deep appreciation of different cuisine around the world.


It is very much her intention to help pass on her knowledge and launch a successful cooking class here in Amsterdam, to hopefully replicate the success she has enjoyed with similar classes in other countries she has worked in, most recently in Cannes, where for the  last 10 years, where she launched her successful business La Serviette Blanche


But don’t take my word for it - wherever she has been, people have been compelled to leave fantastic reviews, including this lady who had a birthday to remember:

Reviewed April 5, 2018 

Cookery class for my birthday.

“Such a lovely way to spend my birthday, amazing experience with such a lovely lady.

Partner and I did a cookery course with Eliane and loved every minute, loads of

knowledge and practical cooking, great chat and friendly warm atmosphere, if you love

food and cookery this is a must, we will be back”

Things to Know


Reservations and payment are required in advance. We can accommodate a maximum of six (6) participants per class. Register today to avoid disappointment, as the course is becoming increasingly sought after and places aren’t available for long.

During the Class, we will:

  • Focus on dos and dont's of eating with diabetes

  • Learn to use fresh ingredients in preparing tasty food which can easily be prepared at home

  • Help all participants learn about healthy cooking — even for the non-diabetic

  • Learn how to eat well without breaking the bank

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