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Mouthwatering Low Sugar Dessert Workshop

Low Sugar Dessert


Want to sharpen your cooking skills?

our cooking classes, not cooking school

Most people enjoy desserts, and at Born to Taste, we do too! We want to show you that even when you reduce your sugar intake, you can still enjoy desserts without the guilt.
There are many products out there that are too sweet and full of refined sugars. Overeating of these foods can lead to weight issues, diabetes and other chronic diseases. When you try to switch to a low-sugar diet after eating high in sugar foods for so long, your tastebuds will take some time to adjust.
It is possible, but you need to persevere, and we hope this class will help you in your efforts.


A Whole New Collection


Less Sugar, Fewer Calories, All the Sweetness

Our Born to Taste Low Sugar Dessert workshop is a hands-on class designed to teach you how to make the most decadent and delicious desserts with less sugar and without sacrificing the sweetness. In our recipes, we use responsible substitutes like:

  • Erythritol (a natural sweetener with no after taste)

  • Stevia (Stevia has fewer calories than sugar. It’s free of calories and carbs and a good alternative for people on low-carb and low-calorie diets.

  • Monk fruit (a safe and good option for lowering sugar intake)

Monk fruit and stevia are derived from plants, have a similar flavour to sugar, and are often used in diabetic-friendly desserts.


About the Low Sugar Dessert Workshop

At the Low Sugar Dessert Workshop, under the expert supervision of Chef Eliane, Born to Taste's friendly and experienced chef, you will learn to make tasty low-sugar desserts, while having lots of fun while making it.

They are so delicious that you will not notice they are missing refined sugar. We certainly can't tell the difference.

You will leave the class with newfound culinary knowledge and tempting recipes you can easily replicate at home.

Our dessert classes are suitable for all skill levels.


What is Included

•    We use high quality ingredients
•    Tuition from an acclaimed chef
•    All the cooking equipment required to complete recipes
•    Wine and juice to enjoy with your finished dessert

The emphasis of this class is to learn how to make healthier desserts without sacrificing on the taste. You will make some inspiring recipes that you can easily replicate at home. 
When you have finished preparing the lovely desserts, you will sit down in our dining room and together with the other participants enjoy the fruits of your labour. You will also get the recipes to take home and if there are any leftovers, and it's a big if, you can take some home as well to share with your family and friends

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