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Elaine Muskus

A journey just as flavorful as your favorite food.

Just like you, Eliane’s love for food paved her path to culinary excellence. In the start, she joined the business world only to leave that realm behind. It was her unwavering passion for cooking that had lingered on since childhood that kickstarted her journey. Ever since then, the chef has aspired to achieve every goal she’s set for herself. With a lot of hard work, the little girl who admired her mother’s cooking as a child is now a successful woman creating magic in the kitchen every day.


After getting classically trained in culinary school in upstate New York, she acquired mentorship by some of the best chefs abroad. Today, Eliane uses her skills to help others. Her award-winning restaurant and cooking school in France is an ode to her brilliance. She provides interactive cooking classes to those who want to get better in the kitchen and brings together everything she has learned in the professional culinary domain as well as from her travels into one place – her new cookbook, Let’s Eat. 

Let's EatElaine Muskus
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Recipes that taste like mom’s cooking!

We all love dining out, especially in places where there are quality food and service. But that doesn't mean eating at home should be boring. Everyone has a chef in them, and there's no doubt about it! Sometimes, all it takes is a great cookbook to bring that out. Eliane includes a selection of her best curations, as well as the delicious foods her mom used to make in Let’s Eat. Thus, when you rely on an award-winning chef to transform your daily meals, you truly begin enjoying each day of life - while licking your fingers after every meal. The cookbook presents families and friends a chance to gather over delectable food and reminisce the good times. Rest assured, even if you don't think you are an expert in the kitchen, that's okay. Each fool-proof recipe is carefully designed to convince even the most doubtful of home cooks of their skills.

Let's EatElaine Muskus
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Restaurant-style food at home

Straight from the kitchen of a former business school graduate to yours, Let’s Eat by Chef Eliane compiles an enticing blend of mouthwatering recipes you can make at home. Whether you want to eat something spicy, indulge in some sugary goodness, or try out a new flavor profile, this cookbook has you covered. There is something in it for everyone as Eliane packs the book with French and Mediterranean delicacies she learned during her professional training and as a restaurant chef. However, there’s a lot more she brings to the plate because of her world travels. Her favorite Asian, Latin, and Caribbean cuisine is also reflected throughout the cookbook. The great part is that all recipes are simple to make, incredibly immersive, and fill your home with tempting aromas. When the whole family sits around the table to eat what you made, the air won't just be thick with flavorful smells but also praises.

Sugar, spice, and all things appetizing!

All foodies know that good food makes for a good life. Unfortunately, many of us never venture beyond a few select flavors, which limits our preferences. With Let's Eat, that is a problem of the past. The cookbook features delectable recipes using a variety of easy to find ingredients. Through the author's adventures traveling the world, she provides a delectable escapade to the readers. Now, you can also experience what different cultures love to eat from the comfort of your own home. From complete entrees to delicious appetizers, each page of the cookbook introduces something special for you to wow your guests with.

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