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Wine Grape "Chardonnay"

Chardonnay is a  grape variety grown all over the world.  It has a remarkable  adaptability in  terms of climate and  soil. Its fruit is used much for  vinification of white  wine .


It’s a grape resistant to cold and can withstand heat as well.  It’s also used for  sparkling wine.  Chardonnay is related to the Burgundy and Champagne grape  pinot Blanc, but has a different taste.  In  Alsace it is  also called weisser klevner or - a little confusing -  pinot Blanc Chardonnay.


The wine made with this grape is very suitable for maturing on wood and generally gives a full wine with a recognizable bouquet.  Wine with this so-called 'wood-based food' has notes of vanilla.  Pure wines of the Chardonnay grape are sold as 'Chardonnay' in many countries, while less attention is paid to where it comes from.


In cooler climate zones, the wines of this grape have a green flavor.  After the second fermentation of the wine, the so-called  malolactic fermentation, where most of the apple acid that you smell in these green apples, are converted into a milder lactic acid.  In milder  climate zones , the wine is given a  melon flavor, and  in the warm temperature zones exotic fruits such as pineapple and mango. 

Chardonnay can  achieve a high alcohol percentage which allows it to lean toward sweet.  A well-made Chardonnay will have a long finish.  Because of the recognizable character of this wine, it’s often described as "greasy" which makes it especially suitable with salmon.


Source: Vitis International variety Catalog -  

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