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 Amsterdam Food Tours

 On this tasty stroll through historic parts of the city, learn about the delicious history and diverse culinary scene of  Amsterdam. 


Food Tours in Amsterdam

Experience Amsterdam’s culinary history in the best way:

  • Visit of Amsterdam’s best food shops as we explore the streets of one of the city’s most popular ‘foodie neighborhoods’ where people live, eat and shop

  • Locally made delicacies

  • Artisan ice cream, Dutch candy like Grandma enjoyed and glorious Dutch stroopwafels

What Is a food tour?

Amsterdam’s food scene is growing fast. Join our Amsterdam food tour today!


Also known as 'food crawls' they are ever increasing in popularity the world over, with modern day travellers seeking to sign up to them in order to enhance their experience of the land and culture they are visiting.


They are even usurping pub crawls as tourists favoured type of crawl - as they leave longer lasting memories and don’t leave you with a hangover the next day.


If we are being honest, I am sure that one time or another we have all been the victim of choosing some poor cuisine whilst away on holiday, and falling into a tourist trap or two. Attending food tours such as this guarantee that your holiday won’t slip you by without sampling the best authentic delicacies that Amsterdam has to offer.


Much like how a song can transport you to a moment in time, a distinctive taste can help you recall a whole different culture, thus adding another dimension to your travelling experience. 


As well as offering you a culinary education, the food crawl will also enable attendees - both groups or solo adventurers - the opportunity to meet and bond with fellow foodies.


From Tuesday through Saturday, blend Amsterdam’s delicious delights with the history which brought them here, along with the history of Amsterdam’s evolving food culture. The Amsterdam Food Crawl includes a local guide and food samples, compiled for you by Eliane a well travelled ex-head chef with over 20 years in the hospitality industry - who has used all her expertise and passion to create an experience to remember for all those that attend her tour.


Eliane attests that “the best way to explore a city is to eat with a local. It’s simply unimaginable to explore a city or country without trying local food. Food Tours will not only satisfy your cravings for new dishes, but it will also add spice to your travel experience.”

What You Get

The price includes:

  • All food-tastings

  • A great time

  • Delicious food

  • 9 stops with distinct food tastings and beverage

  • Professional multilingual chef/guide fluent in English

  • Confirmation email with clear directions on how to get to the meeting point

Meet Up

The meeting can differ from tour to tour, and will be confirmed upon booking. Proceedings will be kicked off with a welcome-to-Amsterdam with typical Dutch candy from Grandmother’s era.

Things To Know

The tour permits a maximum of 12 participants, age 13 and up, and it is advised that you wear appropriate clothing as weather conditions in Amsterdam can change from one moment to the other. The tour is conducted in all kinds of weather, except for storms, heavy snow. Due to certain restraints beyond our control, we apologise that we are currently unable to accommodate vegan, gluten-free or halal diets.


We recommend an umbrella and comfortable walking shoes to explore Amsterdam’s cobbled streets. The tours are proving popular so reservations cannot be guaranteed without advance payment.

Check Out Reviews From Our Guests


Eliane has launched successful food tours in France, with numerous people willing to vouch for the quality of the experience on offer:


“This was a nine-stop food tour that we really enjoyed. Fresh baguettes began the

trip, as did many tips about French food and Cannes. Since Cannes is not known for

its own cuisine, we were guided to the many different types of foods that have come

here from different places. Plus, of course, we ate snails. Well worth it. There was no

rush to finish, just to make sure that we saw and ate everything that we came for.”

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